After successfully designing and making the perfect proposal ring for Scott to ask Ellie to marry him, it wasn’t long after that we began to design Ellie’s engagement ring and both their wedding rings.

Scott and Ellie were so pleased with the design of the simple, rustic hammered proposal ring, that this then set the foundations for the designs for Ellie’s engagement ring and both their wedding rings.

Ellie had been gifted her Mum’s engagement ring made from yellow gold, set with a white diamond and smaller blue sapphires. The ring was pretty dated and not to Ellie’s style but held sentimental value, and with some great stones to work with I was sure I could design a modern engagement ring that Ellie would love.

The couple both loved the look of white metal, and the highly polished hammered finish I’d created on Ellie’s proposal ring, so we decided to include these featured in their other rings.

Ellie expressed not wanting a typical, traditional engagement ring so produced a set of initial designs working with the diamond and smaller sapphires from her Mum’s ring. Throwing the rule book out the window, I discarded the idea of a solitaire diamond ring, or halo set. Instead I proposed designs showcasing a scattering of stones, flush set across a wide band, sat with a finer hammered plain wedding ring. Ellie loved the concept and all that was left to do was to agree on the composition of the stones.

The designs for Ellie’s rings influenced Scott’s wedding band, as the couple wanted their rings to connect, so we decided on a simple, chunky palladium ring with the same hammered surface and high polish. We chose palladium for Scott’s ring for its durability and reasonable cost in the heavy style.

With all the designs confirmed, the old, gifted ring was dismantled, freeing the stones and the yellow gold was scrapped in to go towards the cost of fresh white gold.

With the stones now free and fresh white gold I made up both Ellie’s wide engagement ring and finer wedding band, alongside Scott’s palladium ring. Once formed up and soldered, all the rings were ready for the first fitting to check comfort and that they were sized correctly for their fingers. The first fitting went perfectly, with no adjustments needed, so the rings were sent to the Assay Office in London for hallmarking before the stones could be set and the rings a could be finished.

I loved working with Scott and Ellie. It’s always great to forget traditions and trends, and to design something unique for your customer, and I so pleased with how these designs turned out.

It was so special to be able to design my own engagement ring and our wedding bands with Louise. She helped us with ideas, and brought an old ring back to life with a modern twist, which was exactly what we wanted.