Six months after Will had proposed to Nikki with a bespoke trillion cut diamond engagement ring designed and made by VAESSEN | WALKER, they got in touch to commission their wedding rings!

Both Nikki and Will come to me with quite clear ideas of what they were wanting. Nikki wanted a simple square 18ct white gold wedding ring to sit well with her engagement. Whereas, Will wanted something a little more rustic, that would be durable and stand the test of time.

After some thought Nikki asked me to quote for the simple square wedding ring, and a ½ set diamond wedding band to match the shoulders of her engagement ring whilst she considered which she would prefer.

For Will I drew up a number of quotes in suitable metals, offering advice on which would work best for the design.

After I had produced the quotes Nikki decided on the simple band and will went for his design in palladium – a durable metal with a nice grey tone.

With such clear ideas on what they wanted we didn’t need to sketch up designs or send CAD images, it was just a case of producing some quotes.

After Nikki and Will had confirmed on the designs and quotes I got started straight in metal on their rings.

I made both rings up as far as possible to the finished design and surface; with a high polish for Nikki’s and a hammered satin surface for Will’s. We then met for a fitting to check the rings for size, and we were spot on! Both rings then went for hallmarking and had a final polish before they were ready for the big day.

After having the opportunity the design and make Nikki’s unique engagement ring, it was an honour to then be asked to complete the set by making their wedding rings. I’m really pleased with how each ring come together, and thrilled to know how happy Nikki and Will are with them.

“After Will commissioned Louise to design a beautiful bespoke engagement ring there was no question of where to go for our wedding rings. We worked with Louise to choose the shape, metal, design and finish of our rings. Louise was amazing the whole way through taking on board what we wanted and offered expert opinion and guidance. We both ended up with unique wedding rings and knowing where and how they were made, as well as who by, makes them so much more special for both of us. Thank You!”

Nikki & Will