The following year after Leah & Chris’ engagement, they had a date set for the big day, and sent me an email to start discussing their wedding rings.


Both Leah and Chris come with a clear idea of what they wanted their rings look like. Leah wanted an 18ct yellow gold wedding band to compliment the yellow gold setting on her engagement ring, and to match the proportions of the shank of her engagement ring as well. Chris also wanted a gold wedding ring to match the style of Leah’s but in a wider, more masculine profile. And of course, both rings had to be made from Fairtrade gold!


With such clear ideas on what they wanted I was able to get straight on with the making without sketches or models.


With the designs confirmed I produced a single quote for Leah’s ring in Fairtrade 18ct yellow gold, as this was the most suitable gold in terms of durability and wear against her engagement ring. I also produced two quotes for Chris’ ring – one in Fairtrade 9ct yellow gold, the other in Fairtrade 18ct yellow gold. This offered two price points for Chris to consider to work within their budget.

I was able to use the same mould from Leah’s engagement ring shank element to then cast her engagement in Fairtrade 18ct yellow gold. This ensured an exact copy of the shank, so the rings would match perfectly in profile. Chris’ ring was also cast up, but in Fairtrade 9ct yellow gold. After both ring were cast we met for a fitting to check the rings for size and make any adjustments needed. Both rings then went for hallmarking and had a final polish before they were ready for the big day!

After having the opportunity the design and make Leah’s ethical engagement ring, it was an honour to then be asked to complete the set by making both Leah and Chris Fairtrade gold wedding rings. It’s always a pleasure to make Fairtrade wedding rings – being able to tell your customers where their gold came from, who mined it, who made it and that the whole process was ethical and sustainable.

“I can’t recommend Louise at Vaessen Walker highly enough. From the initial designs of an engagement ring to finalising wedding rings, Louise has been helpful with great design advice and suggestions, continually keeping us in the loop as to what’s going on with photos and emails as our rings were being made. Louise shares our commitment to sustainability and being environmentally conscious, and it meant a lot to us that Louise was able to source fairtrade gold for our wedding and engagement rings. An eternity band will be the next excuse to use Louise’s exemplary services all over again!”