I was contacted by Toby just before going on maternity leave, about his plans to propose to his girlfriend Kathy later that year. I’d met Toby and Kathy a few years back a mutual friend’s wedding, and we hit it off with our shared love of rescue sighthounds (us with ErinPerin the little lurcher and them with Kev the ex-greyhound racer).

Toby messaged me through Instagram explaining his plans to propose at the end of the autumn after Kathy’s last marathon of the year. She had previously commented to Toby on one of my engagement ring designs that I’d posted, saying how much she loved it, so this was our starting point.

The design that had captured Kathy’s attention was a contemporary diamond solitaire I had designed and made a couple of year ago. Toby didn’t want an exact replica, but had some ideas on how the design could be tweaked to suit Kathy perfectly.

Tweaking the design, Toby asked for it to be made all from 18ct white gold, with a high polished finish and rhodium plating – rather than the mixed coloured golds of the original design.

As always, budget was discussed right at the beginning. This makes it much easier producing an achievable design, sourcing the right stone and materials.

The tricky question I often get asked is how much does an engagement ring cost – this depends on the design and materials involved and varies hugely. In recent years I’ve created designs starting at £1,500 to over £10,000.

With the design and budget confirmed I set about sourcing the perfect diamond. With all our jewellery, we only use ethically sourced diamonds and this was no acceptation.

Throughout the design and making process, I like to keep the customer informed with the progress, either showing them the design as it evolves in person, or if they’re too far or time is tight I send photos or email updates. In this case, with Toby based in Yorkshire we corresponded via email and he was able to choose the right diamond with my advice and lots of photos.   

Diamond and design chosen I set about making the ring in 18ct white gold with the tweaks.

I love a classic contemporary design and this one was really great to produce, and even more rewarding knowing how thrilled Kathy. I can’t wait to make the wedding rings!

Kathy smashed her marathon today then said yes when we went for a nice afternoon walk in the countryside!
She really loves the ring and she’s was even happier when she found out you made it too.
Thank you again!