When my mother-in-law Bev and her partner Darren asked if I would make them commitment rings I was over the moon! With a relationship spanning close to two decades, they’d decided to mark the occasion with a special trip to Australia (Darren’s home country) and with exchanging rings to signify their commitment to one another.

Both Bev and Darren had clear ideas on the designs for their rings. Bev wanted a chunky, organic ring, combining white and yellow gold with a single diamond. Darren, a huge motor enthusiast wanted a take on an engine cam (something I had to google).

With the specific briefs outlined I set work on the designs with traditional pencil and paper sketch ups. These hit the mark and I was able to get started in metal.

Bev’s design combined a chunky, wide 18ct white gold hammered split shank, with an overlapping 18ct yellow band set with an off white brilliant cut diamond – all of which was tailored to work within their budget. Bev also had a collection of gold jewellery she’d acquired over the years that she no longer wore or enjoyed, so decided to scrap this in to go towards the design of the new ring.

Darren’s cam inspired ring was a chunk and we decided it would be best to make this from silver. This enabled us to work to the budget and to apply a black oxidised finish which Darren really liked.

With confirmed designs and budget, I started work on the physical rings. Darren’s design was hand carved in jewellers wax. This enabled us to see the dimensions, make tweaks, assess the weight and material costs and check the ring for size. Once the wax was spot on, it was then cast directly into silver before finishing with a satin surface and oxidised black edges.

I decided to work straight into gold for Bev’s ring, using a variety of jewellery making techniques. The split shank made from white gold was hand forged to create a subtle variation in thickness, texture and form. An 18ct yellow gold band was then milled and formed to wrap over the white gold, and soldered in place to stabilise the design, creating a solid band. Finally an off white brilliant cut diamond was set between the split of the 18ct white gold band using yellow gold to work with the warmth of the diamond. The ring was finished with a contrasting frosted surface to the white gold and a high polish to the yellow.

This was such a lovely commission to work on for Bev and Darren, and was great to produce two designs unique to them and their characters. I love wax carving, so making Darren’s ring was a real pleasure – it’s one of those processes that I find really calming and therapeutic, so this big chunky ring was a dream to make. Bev’s design lent itself to techniques that I don’t often use in my jewellery designs, but I feel pretty confident forging with a hammer due to my silversmithing training, so it was a great to get back to this for a while.

They exchanged rings whilst on an evening cruise in Sydney, with beautiful photos to remember the day.

Wonderful, unique and exactly what we wanted. We are now wearing them with great pride and they mean everything we dreamt they would. Thank you so very much. She really loves the ring and she’s was even happier when she found out you made it too.
Thank you again!

Bev & Darren