Whilst exhibiting at the beautiful Shiplake College Wedding Fair, I met Rebecca and Jason. We immediately hit it off with our mutual appreciation and respect for local handmade craft, and for everything other than a ‘corporate wedding’! I was fascinated to learn about their planned elopement to New Zealand, where they would be flown to the tops of the mountains for their ceremony. I love to work with couples who ‘get’ handmade, and have a true sense of their own identity – it frequently leads to a more creative and rewarding process between designer and client. 

During the fair they had the opportunity to browse the samples I had on show, and we chatted about the different services I offer from bespoke to remodelling. We exchanged details so we could discuss ideas further for their rings following on from the wedding fair.

About a week later we touched base via email – Rebecca and Jason wanted to discuss the possibility of remodelling two existing rings they had. I suggested we meet up so I could see the rings in person, take some accurate weights and measurements, and discuss the possibilities further.

We had a great catch up. Rebecca brought along a wide platinum ring, and Jason a chunky 18ct white gold ring with an etched rune in the surface, both of which that they wanted remodelling and sizing for their new wedding rings.

During our meeting we discussed the styles they liked – both were drawn to hammered surfaces and a high polish chosen from the samples I was able to show them from my portfolio. We also talked about the changes to the widths and profiles of the current rings to create the new designs and how they may be excess metal left over which could be used towards paying the final balance. I explained that the ideas would be completely possible working from the existing rings and I just needed to work out some quotes for the labour involved with producing these.

Once I had worked out the quotes, Rebecca and Jason were happy to proceed and paid the 50% deposit to get started. I took receipt of their rings and got to work, changing the profiles, removing the etched rune on Jason’s ring, resizing, hammering the surfaces, and completing them with a high polish before we met for a quick fitting to check the sizes – both of which were spot on!

Rebecca and Jason also requested to have several Celtic runes engraved on the inside of their rings. For this I used the expertise and skills of London based engraver, Ruth Anthony, who I have had the pleasure of working with on numerous pieces in the past.

Both existing rings remodelled really well into the new designs and it was a great to breathe new life into them. Rebecca and Jason were delighted with the results and couldn’t believe how well the designs had come together.

The beauty of working with precious metal, is the opportunity to remodel, metal down and make something completely new time and time again.

Photo credit NZ Destination & HELI WEDDINGS

“We just wanted to say how fantastic our wedding rings are. Absolutely stunning! Beautifully crafted and designed.
Thank you so much. We feel really lucky to have such unique rings, they are truly beautiful.
Thank you again and have a lovely Christmas.”

Rebecca + Jason